Teeing Off With The Masters

Teeing Off With The Masters  a sport psychology novel and sequel to In The Zone: Making Winning Moments Your Way of Life ~ dissolves remaining barriers of the mental side of the game of golf, the elusive, final frontier

From inside the walls of a mental institution, shattered PGA golfer, Charlie Botts, and Doc, his inventive therapist and caddy, play fictional Greensward Grail, stroke by stroke, hole by hole. With cameo appearances by Bobby Jones, Ben Hogan, Jack Nicklaus, Arnie Palmer, Sam Snead, Lee Trevino, Nancy Lopez and other Masters, together you will peel away layers of mystery surrounding the neurophysiology of focus, essentials of rhythmic flow, brain mechanisms underlying our emotions, strategic course management and all the significant mental performance variables key to finding and staying In The Zone.

In a rare blend of penetrating insight and creative drama, Clinical & Sport Psychologist, Dr. Reaume Carroll Mulry, shares his vast knowledge of powerful psychological mechanisms driving optimal mental performance, the rapidly emerging concentration of the new golfer-athlete.

Marriage between the physical and the mental; as an instructor, the easiest is the physical. However, the physical alone will never be productive enough to reach peak performance. Teeing Off With The Masters is the road map for tapping into the unknown quantity of strength that lives in all of us. Uncover the ways to reach your true potential by reading and practicing the methods Dr. Ray has set forth. It has, until now, been the missing ingredient.

Michael Breed, 2000 Metropolitan PGA Teacher of the Year.

Every golfer knows the gut wrenching feeling of pressure. For some, it’s getting off the first tee. For others, it’s playing the last hole to win a club event. For a lucky few, it’s making a putt on the last hole to win a major.
Regardless of what pushes your nervous system into overdrive, Teeing Off With The Masters shows you how to deal with it. Better yet, these concepts can be used for any stress, not just what you create on the golf course!

Casey Eberting

Golf Instruction & Golf Schools


WOW! What a great guide to achieve the Peak Performance we all desire. Golf is one tough game to master, but after reading Teeing Off With The Masters, you will be on your way with great success. Reaching within and finding the desire to change is what it is all about when becoming the best you can be.

Cindy Reid

PGA TOUR headquarters