Trust Your Swing

Trust Your Swing

The Power of the Pendulum and Rhythmic Flow

The best swings result from subconscious forces, not conscious effort. Trust Your Swing helps you achieve a smooth, seamless swing motion, following the arc of a pendulum from start to finish. Rhythmic Flow is the essence of a powerful, reliable golf swing and the core of this innovative training tool.

Clinical and Sport Psychologist, Reaume Carroll Mulry, and master of musical composition, Karl Mohr, have created the ultimate, subconscious, training tool for rhythmic flow, helping you trust your swing at the deepest level. Immediately following your first half hour training session, you will experience the quiet self-confidence, clarity of focus, feelings of flow and exhilaration displayed by top performers.

Learning made easy: Put your headphones on, assume a comfortable position and enter a deep state of relaxation as you listen to the soothing voice of Dr. Ray and musical artistry of Karl Mohr. Your subconscious mind will soon absorb the relaxed, rhythmic essence of a graceful, powerful swing. Enjoy Trust Your Swing each day and the enhanced self-confidence you will experience with every swing.

Trust Your Swing MP3 file is available at our sister site, at no cost

Because Relaxation Skills are basic to a complete golf performance, you might want to explore our In The Zone Skills Training course available at Relaxation Skills are but one of four core competencies of high performance in everything you do. The 4-Core Competencies of In The Zone performers are Relaxation, Balance, Flexibility and Focus. Check it out and spend some time developing your ability to be the best you can be in all aspects of your life, on and off the course.

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